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Corrosion Prevention and Removal

Corrosion is a natural process of deterioration of a material to a chemically-stable form. It requires three conditions: moisture, a metallic surface, and an oxidizing agent. The process of corrosion is a gradual destruction of a reactive metal surface into a stable form; oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide. Rust is a perfect example of this chemical reaction.

New Age Chemical has been developing technologies to restrict and remove corrosion on metal surfaces for over 35 years. Our complete line of corrosion inhibitors will meet the needs of any application for any type of metal, offering short to long term protection for inside and outside storage, covered or uncovered. The line ranges from water based based to oil or solvent based, and everything in between, which can be applied by dip, brush, spray, roll, and immersion.

Corrosion Prevention and Removal

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