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Heat Treating Fluids

Heat treating is a process in which metal is heated and cooled under tight controls to improve its properties, performance and durability. New Age Chemical offers heat-treating fluids designed for the rapid and controlled cooling of metals as part of the heat treating processes.

Heat Treating Metal

Heat treating processes require three basic steps: heating to a specified temperature, holding at that temperature for the appropriate amount of time, and cooling according to prescribed methods. Some materials are cooled slowly in the furnace, but others must be cooled quickly, or quenched. Most parts are quenched in water, oil, gases or polymers.

Heat Transfer Fluids

New Age Chemical offers several heat transfer liquids used to cool and heat casting molds. They provide different levels of oxidation and thermal stability, as needed by each individual process.

Quench/Trimming Fluids

New Age Chemical offers quench fluids designed with rust preventives for trim dies and quench tanks for all types of metals. We also offer formulations with high performance lubricity additives for trimming operations.

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