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Industrial Lubricants

With more than 35 years of expertise in industrial lubrication, New Age Chemical has the lubrication knowledge and expertise to keep your operation running smoothly. We offer a full range of industrial lubricants to meet the demand of your manufacturing environment.

Hydraulic Oils

PB hydraulic fluids are formulated for excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear, corrosion protection, as well as water separation. These fluids were developed to meet and or exceed many OEM specifications and come in a variety of viscosity grades to meet your machines' requirements. 

PB Hydraulic Series
PB R&O Series
PB Ultra Series
Fire Resistant Hydraulics

Way Lubricants

The Riteway series is a line of way lubricants with varied viscosities designed to eliminate chatter and drag on your slideways. They are formulated with highly refined base oils, extreme pressure additives, and rust protection to greatly reduce friction on slideways, as well as protect them from corrosion. The Riteway series is specifically designed to not emulsify into the coolant which greatly improves the sump life of water-based coolant.

Industrial Lubricants
Gear Oils

PB Gear oils are formulated with highly refined mineral or synthetic base oils and are developed with non-staining EP additives. PB Gear oils are available in many different viscosities, and have been fortified with anti-wear additives to be low foaming and reduce friction that leads to heat generation. 

PB EP Gear Oil Series
PB Synthetic Gear Oil Series

Spindle Oils
The PB Spin series is formulated using highly refined base oils with anti-wear chemistries to provide outstanding oxidation stability, rust protection, and water separation for today’s high-speed spindles. PB Spin oils come in a variety of viscosity grades to meet your specifications.

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