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Lab Capabilities

New Age Chemical’s manufacturing centers on chemical and lubricant technology. Our lab has a team of hard-working and experienced experts who consistently innovate to improve the quality of our products and services so that we can deliver industry leading technology to our customers. These experts are equipped to handle countless manufacturing and field challenges.  Our lab also focuses on ensuring the highest quality of products for our customers and is capable of making product recommendations to replace most competitor products on the market today.  The efficiency and high standards of service we maintain is what allows our lab to excel in all its capabilities. From the strict quality control testing to the state-of-the-art technical analysis, we are equipped to face any challenge out there.

New Age Chemical invests in experienced personnel, state of the art equipment, and other resources to ensure a laboratory capable of meeting all customer needs. Our highly trained chemists and technicians are constantly innovating, using the newest formulation chemistries, and their dedication to research and development means we can assure our customers that we offer the best possible technology available.

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